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Important stages of babies at play

Babies make sense of the world around them through play. They experiment with new ideas, learn important social skills, and gain immense pleasure from just playing.  Playtime is fun, and offers little one’s time to develop and thrive.

Play is incredibly important in a little one’s life, as it assists in the development of fine and gross motor skills and builds emotional maturity and self-confidence for a baby to explore new things and new environments. There are different developments that parents can look out for that links to play and baby’s age and developmental progress.

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Kleenex® helps you and your kids get back to school

(Johannesburg 16 January 2017) Back to school is a busy time of the year filled with lots of excitement and nervousness. Parents watch their kids begin or continue their journey of learning and discovery at school. Children are excited to have another year to learn new things, make new friends and to grow in general. This is often a learning curve with many tears, spills and smears along the way, which is why Kleenex® is here to help you send your kids to school with a little gentle comfort.

The newly relaunched Kleenex® range is perfect for those emergencies that seem to creep up, those runny noses, the juice spill in the car or the paper cut on the finger that always seem to happen unexpectedly.

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Your go-to tampon guide – just in time for summer

The summer holidays are here, and for many of us this means hot days in the sun, pool parties, swimming, extra hours at the gym and for the lucky few, summer means time on the beach. Summer was made for wearing dresses, rompers, bikini’s and swimsuits. But many women feel a little self-conscious during summer especially when they are on their periods. A pad isn’t the most comfortable thing to wear with your bathing suit or your gym gear, that’s why tampons were invented!

Tampons were designed with that active woman mind. They are perfect to use when hiking, taking part in sports, swimming or using as your day to day leakage protection because they are so discreet.

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Background to Mrs H.S Ball’s For over 100 years Mrs.H.S. Balls Chutney has been inspiring recipes for South Africans all over the world. From original turn of the century bobotie, heritage stews, contemporary cuisine, designer sandwiches, family secret
Mrs Ball’s Chutney recently partnered with some of the country’s hottest and trendiest restaurants to create the Mrs Ball’s “Its What’s Inside Pop-Up Experience”. Each of the chefs at the selected restaurants were challenged to get inspired and create a deliciously tantalising menu using Mrs Ball’s. 
Chef Carolina Rasenti, at the Great Eastern Food Bar, took on the challenge and created a menu that was nothing short of an Asian taste sensation. Her Mrs Ball’s inspired menu looked at incorporating Mrs Ball’s into the restaurant’s favourite dishes in a unique and delectable way.  
From the beginning to the end of the experience, guests were floored by the different taste combinations.
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