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New Huggies® Gold for Boys & Girls

Discovering the sex of your baby is just the beginning of an amazing journey where your baby will grow from a tiny being into your “Big Boy” or “Little Girl”. Each gender is special and unique with their own mannerisms. They play with different toys, wear different clothes and enjoy different things, from playing dress up for hours or hunting for crawling critters – this is what turns your everyday into pink or blue.

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Huggies® Dry Comfort offers up to 12 Hours of dryness

Being a parent is filled with ups and downs.  However, despite the everyday challenges filled with work, nappy changing, washing and housework, the main focus is on keeping baby happy,dry and comfortable. For this reason, it is important to moms to have a product that works for them, allowing special bonding time for mom and baby.

This is why Huggies® Dry Comfort®provides the perfect solution for moms who want the best quality from disposable nappies without having to worry about financial strain.  Trusted by moms to improve the quality of their parenting journey, Huggies Dry Comfort, provides a nappy solution that will keep baby dry and comfy.

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Jungle gives you the energy to find an extra hour in your day.

We can all relate to those days when we feel uninspired and pressured by our daily routines. Or when life gets so busy with our tick boxes - getting ready for work, travelling, working all day and cooking supper. Before you know it, your day is gone. But, what if you had an extra hour in your day? An hour to spend on doing anything you want – playing with your kids, reading a magazine, exercising or helping out someone in your community.

Last year Jungle launched the Jungle One Hour Project; this project encouraged South Africans to find an hour in their day to do something special.

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Win a giant puppy soft toy with the new Softer-than-Ever Baby Soft®

Baby Soft® has been providing South Africans with thick, absorbent and silky soft toilet paper for generations and is sure not to disappoint with its new innovation – Micro-Pillow Technology. This new technology makes Baby Soft® 2-ply softer than ever before due to its double-sheet micro-embossing technique.

This new Baby Soft® 2-ply is so soft that Baby Soft® iseven considering a new mascot. Even though everyone has grown to love Softi, the adorable Labrador puppy ambassador, Baby Soft® has found a worthy new contender to consider for the position. This contender is Shlumfi, a soft and well-groomed cat of the highest pedigree.

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