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Tips on how to stay healthy in winter

With winter upon us, the days are darker, colder and shorter. Our bodies are also more susceptible to all kinds of winter illnesses like colds and flu.

Morvite shares some tips on how to keep healthy this winter.

Get enough exercise and sunlight

Although it is very tempting to stay indoors in winter, it is important to remember that exercising during the colder months is just as important as exercising in summer. Not only is exercise good for keeping healthy and fit, it also leaves you feeling warm and full of energy.

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Morvite and the uMama Nami show are a success

uMama Nami is an early childhood development show that has been a hit across Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal.  The road show reaches township and rural pre-schools in these two provinces and entertains and educates children in English, Zulu and Sotho.  The primary objective is to create bonding experiences with pre-school children and their moms while at the same time educating these young children on important life lessons.

From October 2012 to March 2013, the uMama Nami team has had 407 school road shows in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal. These roadshows have reached close to 120 269 kids, moms and teachers.

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Softer-than-Ever Baby Soft® Mascot Showdown

Baby Soft® is well-known for providing generations of South Africans with thick, absorbent and silky-soft 2-ply toilet tissue. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Baby Soft® proudly introduces a great new innovation called Micro-Pillow Technology. Consumers now have the opportunity to experience softer than ever Baby Soft®, due to the double-sheet micro-embossing technique on the 2-ply toilet tissue.

In fact, it is so soft that Baby Soft® is considering a new mascot. Softi, the adorable Labrador puppy ambassador has been the Baby Soft® mascot for years but now they have found a worthy new contender to consider for the position.

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