04 October, 2017
Kotex® pushes the South African period conversation forward

Periods are no longer a taboo subject in South Africa, and for good reason. An inability to talk openly about periods has seen thousands of young South Africans missing school due to a lack of access to essential sanitary products. As we are at last being made aware, periods are socially relevant and impact on all South African families in some way.

“The more we talk about periods, the better we can make life for South African women of all ages,” says Nthabiseng Motsoeneng, Marketing Manager within the Feminine Care category at Kimberley Clark. “The conversation needs to be open and free because it impacts everyone.”

While access to sanitary products is a key issue, so is the way these products actually work. For many women, poorly functioning sanitary products cause anxiety and prevent regular social activity. This is something Kotex® has been working to change, through ongoing conversations with its consumers.

“Whether it’s feeling confident at work, working out at the gym or participating fully at school, leaks shouldn’t be stealing your life. We’ve had a lot of conversations with our consumer community, and they continually highlight the issue of how well pads fit into underwear, including worries about stability and leakage. Many women spoke about how they sleep with a towel underneath them at night, or wear granny panties or even try to wear two pads just to feel more secure and to prevent leakage while they are on their period. Our response has been to develop a new product that delivers on all of these fronts,” says Motsoeneng.

The new Kotex® All Nighter Maxi Pads were designed to maximise skin comfort, protect against leakage and fit the body perfectly. The pad is the longest and widest in the Kotex® range, and the extra coverage it offers ensures back and side leakage protection at all times. Women are encouraged to consider also using Kotex® All Nighter Maxi Pads on heavy flow days of their periods. The extra length of the All Nighter Maxi Pad gives women that bit of extra confidence.

“It’s called the All Nighter, but really it is very effective at any time of the day. The feedback in the early phases of the launch has been excellent. It’s definitely providing the peace of mind that women are looking for,” adds Motsoeneng

So, don’t let your period stop you from living your best life, or from talking about what works, and what doesn’t. Night or day, the Kotex® All Nighter Maxi Pad offers you the ultimate protection.

The Kotex® All Nighter Maxi Pad is available in both Single and Duo packs in all major retailers across the country.