20 November, 2017
Mrs Ball’s partners with The Great Eastern Food Bar

Mrs Ball’s Chutney recently partnered with some of the country’s hottest and trendiest restaurants to create the Mrs Ball’s “Its What’s Inside Pop-Up Experience”. Each of the chefs at the selected restaurants were challenged to get inspired and create a deliciously tantalising menu using Mrs Ball’s.

Chef Carolina Rasenti, at the Great Eastern Food Bar, took on the challenge and created a menu that was nothing short of an Asian taste sensation. Her Mrs Ball’s inspired menu looked at incorporating Mrs Ball’s into the restaurant’s favourite dishes in a unique and delectable way. 

From the beginning to the end of the experience, guests were floored by the different taste combinations. On arrival, guests received a welcome cocktail made from Mrs Ball’s Original Chutney, Japanese Sake and a slice of fresh peach. Next up, crunchy Thai Corn Fritters dressed in a tangy and spicy Mrs Ball’s Jalapeno Chutney. The combination of the sweet corn and the spicy Mrs Ball’s Jalapeno Chutney left everyone wanting more. Chef Carolina then transformed her famous crisp deep-fried chicken wings by glazing then in Mrs Ball’s Sweet Chilli sauce. The sweet sticky wings were served with sweet potato fries and a side of Mrs Balls Chakalaka flavoured mayo. Dessert was a combination of subtle flavours found in a crispy puff pastry oozing with a delicate cream cheese and Mrs Ball’s Peach filling, topped off with sweet Asian pears and sesame seed biscuits.

Mrs Ball’s is on a mission to inspire South Africans to incorporate the different Mrs Ball’s flavours in unique ways, as seen at the Mrs Ball’s “It’s What’s Inside Pop-Up Experiences”. Visit the Food Market section on www.mrsballs.com, try out the recipes from the different pop-up experiences and get creative in the kitchen. Be inspired to turn the moments and meals that you like into ones that you love with Mrs Ball’s.

For more information on the Mrs Ball’s “It’s What’s Inside Pop-Up Experience”, recipes and competitions be sure to follow on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/MrsBallsChutney).

To recreate The Great Eastern Food Bar’s Mrs Ball’s Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken Wings, follow the below recipe:



½ cup  Honey

½ cup  Fresh Lime Juice

½ cup Mrs Ball’s Sweet Chilli Sauce

3 large Chicken Wings with Skin

½ cup  Rice Flour

Pinch   Smoked Salt

Wedge Lime


Mix together the honey, lime juice & Sweet Chilli Sauce in a pot over medium heat. Bring to the boil while stirring. Once boiled lower the heat and continue stirring until thicker. Thick enough to stick to the back of the spoon

Toss the wings in rice flour until well coated. Heat the oil in your deep fryer to 160 degrees celcius. For the first fry cook the wings for 8 minutes. Then lift the chicken from the oil for 2 minutes and deep fry again for 2 minutes. Once cooked toss the wings in the Glaze.

Serve and sprinkle with smoked salt and a squeeze of lime.


Image and Caption: Mrs Ball’s Sweet Chili Sauce




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