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There are four key pillars within Sabio Communications: Public relations and media liaison, event and sponsorship management, promotional items and media planning and implementation.
  • Public Relations forms our primary pillar at Sabio Communications. This service allows us to provide you with pure PR mechanisms including media liaison and briefing, trade and consumer press releases, PR campaigns at a trade, regional and national level as well as giveaways. We also have a strong digital and social PR wing.

  • Event and sponsorship management which includes organising all aspects of an event from the proposal to the implementation of the event.

  • Promotional Items which we source for press kits, giveaways or gifts for your events. This includes brainstorming gifts that will be most relevant to your brand and handle all aspects of acquiring this gift from finding the supplier to the packaging of the gift.

  • Media Planning and Implementation which consists of coming up with media strategies for your brand, media booking, developing of the brief to the media as well as handling the approval process.
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